GPS doodles and the art of turning exercise into an adventure

When Stephen Lund first saw his cycling movements mapped out in red on GPS tracking website Strava, he immediately recognised the service’s potential beyond …

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Stephen isn’t the first person I’ve blogged about who has used Strava to create images by riding a bike using GPS on his mobile as he wheels through a city or country.

I still haven’t reached the holy grail for my walking where I  can generate a map on my mobile that shows me one one image which roads I haven’t walked on, so that every day I can do a different route anywhere in the world, but that’s another story.

Taking this step a bit further, imagine where you could take this doodling concept? Brands could sponsor rides to get people to ride their logo on a map. Cities could come up with competitions to encourage more people to ride (and walk) and either create art, or follow tracks that other people have designed so that they can complete art pieces by doing exercise.

Like Swarm/Foursquare, imagine thousands of people going out over the weekend, getting gamified exercise on their Eco-friendly transport, having fun, perhaps getting digital badges, or maybe special discounts or rewards by checking in at retailers along the way, include the locations of shops or cafes where they can hydrate and off course public toilets.

Sounds perhaps like an app that could be developed as a plug in to Strava by a consortium of government, retailers, developers, cycle and walking industry players and perhaps co-funded by a drug company. Who’s up for this?

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