We must pool car sensor data to solve problems on the road – HERE 360

Has there ever been a more exciting time in the automotive industry? Whether you want to call it “the start of a revolution” like Mary…

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This is something I have frequently blogged about and it is quite critical. It is interesting, but shows leadership, when a brand of car navigation and travel information services calls for data sharing and there may even be some internal debate about this.

The issue is partly about how each brand of motor vehicle manufacturer and OEM suppliers of hardware, software and services to the industry maintains their unique value proposition. After all if all cars had the same features, we might as well have 2 or 3 brands and that just to keep each one on their toes.

However the scenario I have explored previously where brands like Volvo (to pick on just one brand) have systems where Volvo’s of certain models can tell other Volvo’s that there is black ice ahead, perhaps a pothole or some reason why other vehicles in the vicinity have recently had to brake harshly to avoid an incident or a crash. Great if you have one of those cars, but what if you have a Toyota or a Mitsubishi?

There is a significant global movement based on open data. V2V or vehicle to vehicle communications is just one of the jargon terms focused on how vehicles tell each other information that improves road safety, reduces congestion and facilitates the road to the future of driverless cars. Without sharing data, that future could be stalled by a major road block.

The challenge for brands is how they cooperate and still stand out in a competitive market. The ideal situation in my humble opinion (IMHO) would be that brands of data, motor vehicles and accessories stand out if they DON’T participate in data sharing. Imagine being the car brand that doesn’t talk to other car brands and share information, more importantly doesn’t receive it. Perhaps there will be safety ratings similar to those already employed in many countries around safety features such as ABS, air bags and crumple zones.

Would you want to be in one of the vehicles driving on a pre-dawn  ski trip through heavy fog, that can’t talk to other cars that would have told your car that all the vehicles around that blind corner in front of you in a 120km per hour area have come to a dead stop?

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