Canada to require bus and truck drivers to log hours electronically

After years of study, the federal government says it’s working to implement new safety regulations that are aligned with U.S. efforts to tackle fatigue among truck and bus drivers.

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I was having a discussion with someone earlier this week about how far behind some parts of the world are when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking and other technologies. I note that in Canada some operators especially owners drivers are looking for incentives. I would start by looking at insurance companies.

As the article says, one of the major causes of crashes is driver fatigue. Drivers with hand written log books can easily doctor the books in order to reach their destinations and I can imagine reasons why Canadian truck drivers might want to, especially in winter when they are over their hours, but don’t want to park up for 12 hours in the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere if weather conditions or other issues have caused delays. So staying alive and not crashing seems to me to be a good incentive.

Forcing the issue might also reduce the use of substances from caffeine to others including illegal substances that might keep drivers awake and alert for some time, but the crash (pun intended) afterwards when their bodies resources are depleted and the drugs wear off are a common clause of people even momentarily falling asleep behind the wheel.

I would suggest that as the Federal Government looks at how to make this work, they send working groups to New Zealand, where we have been using this technology for over a decade, even if fatigue and safety were not the primary reason the tech was employed, which was in fact a reduction in fuel tax for km driven off public roads, such as milk tankers and forestry trucks which spend a lot of time on private farm roads.

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