Animated Maps Illustrate the Hell of Bay Area Commuting

Your hellish commute has never looked so pretty. A new set of animated maps plots the commutes of 3.3 million Bay Area residents commuting to 110,000 destinations.

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When was the last time you looked at your census data? We get the forms every 3 years or so, fill them in and many people complain on Facebook about giving up their privacy.

As this example shows, there s a goldmine of wealth in the data and I frequently ask people when they last looked at it. I have worked with many businesses in putting location based data on a map and helped them improve their productivity.

The challenge is thinking outside the square and working out what questions to ask, which is the classic big data question. I’ve been interested in predictions about the need for data scientists and we definitely need them, but I have to say that to turn this data into usable intelligence requires people to understand the business problem and then to ask questions of people who are so mired in how they do business that they often can’t see the wood for the trees. As well as business scientists, we need business analysts, but more importantly, people who understand how different types of business work and businesses prepared to listen, rather than just bean-counters and shareholders looking for an extra 5% profit on last year by reducing spend on marketing, staff remuneration and inventory.

How would you be able to make positive results out of these maps? What if you were in the hospitality industry? How about gas stations, retail, franchising, car-pooling? What might you do differently? What about looking where you live and work, it’s really interesting looking at these maps, how many people swap from one side to the other side of the city? Does that seem odd to you? Watch the animations a few times.


Then go and have a look at the data for your data. It’s available for free.

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