Countries as Named in Their Own Languages

A map of the world’s endonyms.

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It’s interesting to see these maps for a number of reasons. First, names are important. I have had so many people mispronounce my name, sometimes daily, including when I am presented at conferences or other important events. Your name is part of the essence of who you are, your ancestry and roots. I cringe at commentators when I’m watching sport on TV or even at the match. The greats used to not only practice pronouncing names right, they used to go and ask them. The same seems to me to be important with our origins. In this case the title might better be called exonyms, rather than endonyms. I don’t say I was born in the Koninkrijk der Nederlanden. I would either say Holland (which is in fact two states of Nederland. I have heard people say the Commonwealth of Australia in formal speeches, but if you were to ask an Aussie, they would say they are from Australia. I love the concept of the map, but to be true endonyms, tell us what the man in the street calls their country, That’s what they connect to, that’s their homeland. As to using other alphabets that I can’t read, it would be nice to have the Roman lettering equivalent, I think that could be done together like a Tokyo street sign without being disrespectful. Cool concept though:)

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