Incredible edible landscape map shows you where to find free food

Falling Fruit, a massive collaborative mapping project, provides fruity foragers with the tools they need to track down a nutritious snack.

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There has been quite a bit of debate in New Zealand recently about what should be planted on the side of roads and highways. In some places there are fruit trees, even olive trees on the side of the road and people can help themselves, but those sites are rare.

The biggest challenge is that the space a lot of people are talking about is the berm between the sidewalk and the road, and fruit trees, especially laden with fruit then become a safety hazard and we have had plenty of serious incidents where cars have hit people or other vehicles as they back out of obscured driveways.

This map is very cool and while I’m not into dumpsters,  I love the concept of knowing there is free fruit out in the wild. When I was younger there was quite a lot of free fruit around (legally) such as berries, banana passion-fruit and even shrubs with really nice sour leaves, as long as you picked them above dog peeing height. Our native bush was full of food if you knew what you were looking for.

As long as the free fruit is not abused by people looking to buy and sell the fruit, I think this is an awesome idea. When I see companies like Honda go out and plant trees, I wonder what if we all had places where we were allowed to plant fruit trees on public land for public good?

As for the dumpsters, I prefer the concept of shops and restaurants donating food remainders and product, close to its use by date, or with damaged packaging etc, to shelters and those who need it without adding a dumpster that could be filled with who knows what dangerous items, to the value chain.

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