Waze, Israeli military at odds over why soldiers ended up in Qalandiyah, sparking riot – Israel News

IDF launches internal investigation into why two soldiers entered Palestinian refugee camp, setting off clashes in which one Palestinian was killed, several wounded.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.haaretz.com

Once again a car navigation system is blamed for choices that people make following instructions from car navigation systems. Forget the irony that Waze was designed in Israel, forget the fact that it is owned by Google and is promoted as a top navigation solution in the world. This is what you should be considering.

1. GIGO Garbage In Garbage Out. If the data going into the system isn’t 100% accurate and current, it needs to be moderated.

2. Think about driverless cars. If the driverless car was following Waze’s instructions (remember Google makes driverless cars), then would it also have taken these people into Qalandiyah with the same result?

3. The app was given instructions. Show us the shortest route. I was tempted to say take the shortest route, but that would ignore the fact that Waze simply provided information. Humans programmed it to take the shortest route, and despite being in a dangerous area, didn’t use the app to tell them where the shortest route was going. A tragic failure to use intelligence from soldiers who are trained to use intel. Please don’t consider this opinion to be blaming these people, they simply did what almost all people do with car navigation systems. “Directives require that all soldiers traveling in the West Bank know the route that they are supposed to take. Before setting out, someone is to be put in charge of travel and to be responsible for proper navigation to the destination.”

4. “On all roads leading to areas under control of the Palestinian Authority, there are red signs that stand out at the road side, stating that Israeli residents are forbidden from driving in the area.” It doesn’t matter what the nav says, what you see through the windscreen is your number one priority. I don’t care if there used to be a bridge over the river the last time your nav map was updated. If you can’t see one, there isn’t one.

In most cases these stories end up with embarrassing outcomes. People drive cars into rivers, lakes, trucks get stuck between houses on narrow roads, under bridges. In this case 1 person died and 5 were injured.

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