Japan Driverless Taxi Startup Eyes Partnerships With Automakers

The venture has set the 2020 Games in Tokyo as a target to develop software to operate driverless cars and an online service to ferry athletes and tourists between Olympic venues and the city’s transport hubs.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.entrepreneur.com

This is pretty impressive and likely to generate a hive of activity in Japan and opportunities globally to test driverless cars in the real world.

In conjunction with Toyota, Robot Taxi started a 10 day trial on Monday in Fujisawa, 28km south of Tokyo where locals can summon a driverless taxi to take them to and from the local supermarket.

Apparently Robot Taxi’s ‘Robovision’ uses lower cost technology than other systems based on data management and stereo photography (no mention of LiDAR) and aims to have driverless cars available for the 2020 Olympics. I saw the date 2020 and thought, “that’s miles away” (sorry km away didn’t sound right) but it’s only 4 years!

What I really like about this project is that although the trial is with Toyota, Robot Taxi is happy to sell their Robovision technology as an OEM supplier to other brands. This could rapidly hasten uptake and definitely expect trials to be happening around the world at pace. After all Japan is still one of the biggest car manufacturing countries in the world.

I will keep reminding though, that without good underlying location based data, safety is still an issue. The Waze story is a good example of that. http://bit.ly/1Rsg9pt

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