Google Maps Brings Its “Add A Pit Stop” Feature To iOS

Last fall, Google announced the addition of a long-requested feature to Google Maps, which allowed users to – finally! – add a stop along their current route…

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There are features that are commonplace to car navigation systems but not to tools like Google Maps on my iPhone 5S. As you know I test a lot of navigation systems and I’ve been trialing Google Maps a lot lately. It certainly did a good job of helping me make my way around a very congested Auckland yesterday.

I had to get from home on the North Shore to my office, then to Balmoral and then to Blockhouse Bay and there were events all over the place from music to rugby, gridiron to speedway, cultural events and just people taking advantage of the awesome weather to go to places like Western Springs or the Zoo. There were also major roadworks which have to be urgently completed which have experienced delays mostly because of bad weather during the times they were previously programmed for. This added up on some pretty major traffic congestion throughout the journey if I stuck to the main routes.

So a feature I use a lot on dedicated GPS navigation devices is way-points aka via points. You can do that easily on the Google Maps web page, but I couldn’t do that on my iPhone 5S. This was a pain because it meant that while were under a lot of time pressure yesterday, we could have loaded our destinations and sorted the route once and then got on with it.

The good news was that using Google Traffic, I was able to circumvent the traffic jams. One of my family members left home about the same time as me, I made two stops along the way. She didn’t use the traffic feature on her nav device, in fact I don’t think she used the nav at all. We arrived at our destination about the same time. I took a lot of side streets I had never been to before, some of the turns felt counter-intuitive, but it worked, it also offered us an alternative route for the last segment which cut 15 minutes off the journey.

Anyway, good to see more nav features appear in free web apps. Perhaps not good news for dedicated nav companies though. I do love the extra points of interest data too, like when shops are open. Of course they are only as good as the data provided and often it is out of date. If you have a business that is listed on Google, I suggest you check it’s data for accuracy and currency.

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