Google Wants Its Driverless Cars to Be Wireless Too

The budding carmaker is investigating technology for plugless recharging its EVs

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When I first saw this headline a week or two ago, I didn’t even bother to read the story, I want wireless on the bus too and everywhere I go, I postulated. That wasn’t what the story was about, it was about inductive charging.

It’s actually about having car-parks with what look like pot hole covers that only need the car to park in the right place (and perhaps authenticate itself (power still has to be paid for). The charger then uses technology akin to magnetism to beam electricity to the car, to go into it’s battery set.

What I found most interesting was the paradigm shift about the passenger types and their ability to charge the car. What if the passenger was a child of say 9 years old, being chauffeured to school. You couldn’t expect the child to safely plug a high voltage charging cable safely into the car, wherever the destination might be, assuming the car is staying there. Given that insurance companies are prepared to back the safety of driverless cars, the concept of the 9 year old being the only passenger in an electric car that needs to refuel is highly likely to be a new topic of conversation.

So the technology not only asks some interesting questions about who the passengers are and their ability to control the destination of the car, but also their safety or ability to manage the few tasks a driver might still need to be able to do. I  wonder then about issues over their personal safety. What stops them from instructing the car to go to potentially dangerous places?

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