Google maps aims to let you walk the North Downs – without leaving your sofa

Some of the most beautiful walks in England and Wales will be appearing on Google Street View from 17 March

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Imagine where new technology could take this. For example, imagine being in a gym on a treadmill wearing virtual reality goggles.

You could do the walk, experience the inclination and views based on what you would see if you were actually there. OK not great for tourism if you can go and have the experience without actually being there, but I’m sure with the best locations enough people will still want to touch, smell and experience the real thing.

I could imagine people going to the gym and being able to program in a route and being motivated to keep going or going back to continue at the point they stopped to have that full experience. I’d be into that.

Another great opportunity might be for people doing cross country running events and wanting to train on courses that are exactly like the real thing. The visualization would mean that no only did they train for that hill at the 20 mile mark, but they would recognize it as if they had been there.

Then there is the baby boomer market of people who have time on their hands and can’t visit everywhere, or are perhaps disabled in some way, who could now have an immersive experience with VR glasses and a computer. All we need now is to be able to add sound and synthesize the smells and we have the almost like being there experience.

Then we get the Google VR haptic suit and you could roly poly down those hills and feel the bumps. Gaming is another area that could create some really interesting experiences. Imagine being able to see places as they were hundreds of years ago with Augmented Reality and perhaps communicate with imaginary people that would have lived there then, or perhaps back to the real world, talk to rangers or people who live in those areas today who would love to share and engage with people.

To me this isn’t about Street View, it’s about a host of rich experiences we can have that just require the data to get started.

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