What are the UK’s top areas for running and cycling? – BBC News

Two legs and two wheels – data reveals the most active areas of Britain for runners and cyclists.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.bbc.co.uk

This s another great example of how GPS and location based technologies can tell us what is going on in our cities.

It’s great information for town planners and urban transport designers because the more people who are running or riding bikes, the less cars there are on the road.

It also tells us a lot about the routes they are taking, where people want to go and how they get there.

These people flow like water in that they don’t need a road to get from A to B. They will take footpaths, shortcuts through parks. I often walk though hotels and buildings that provide me with shortcuts.

A lot of planning is around roads and highways, but we want less people using them. Understanding exactly where runners and cyclists travel, especially commuters, can give transport planners valuable insights into how to make it safe and easy for them and thereby encourage more of them to follow suit.

This can improve the lot for all commuters, not to mention the health of those who are exercising instead of sitting in their cars suffering unhealthy stress related to the congestion.

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