Lyft to Launch Car-Rental Program, Aiming to Attract, Motivate Drivers

Lyft plans to start a new program in Chicago later this month aimed at expanding and motivating the ride-hailing service’s driver pool by offering the chance to rent GM cars for $99 a week, plus 20 cents a mile.

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If taxi companies are worried about Lyft and Uber now, they should be even more concerned. In the traditional world of the taxi industry drivers would have to buy a license to join a company or co-op, they would buy or lease a car and have all the running costs, including the costs of installing taxi meters, emergency buttons, GPS, cameras and other technology.

Lyft is offering cars at no more than it would cost a consumer to rent a car and the more rides you deliver to the point that if you do 65 rides a day (that is a big ask) you have no fees at all other than petrol.

Of course this is a short term career, not only for Lyft drivers but also for the taxi industry because Lyft and Uber have been very clear that their long term is driverless cars.

A subtle irony that in the longer term, the more successful these drivers are in moving people out of cabs, the quicker they lose their jobs and livelihood.

Like radio stations who tell me that people listen to them because of the the show hosts, some people will want a driver they can talk to. But in the longer term, if they feel safe in a driverless car, they will enjoy the privacy of talking to privacy of mobile communication:)

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