Domino’s pizza delivery robot is coming to your door

Domino’s Australia showed off a self-driving robot that can deliver pizzas. It’s just a prototype for now.

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Domino is innovating all over the world. They are also connected to trials with driverless cars. It appears they are subscribing to the Amazon concept that they are not a food company, they are a service provider. They don’t claim to have the best pizza, but they are obviously aiming to make it really easy to do business with them.
I’m still keen on the idea of Pizza on the Beach, i.e. if someone has paid for the pizza on a mobile which knows where the customer is, why should delivery be limited to a street address? Why not a spot in the sand on your favorite beach,  a park where you’re playing Frisbee?
Obviously if they can end up with stores that just do delivery, then they can dramatically cut costs, because they don’t need an expensive location or extra staff.
Of course others will find ways of competing at the higher quality end of the market with services from brands like Lyft and Uber who are also signalling that they are starting with drivers, but when and driverless cars become legal, they will also be looking to ditch the very people they convinced to be their drivers. Hopefully there will be equity share or franchise opportunities so they don’t just help build a business and then end up parked on the side of the street wondering what to do next.

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