Convoy Sees Itself as the Uber of Local Trucking

Convoy gives local truckers — who specialize in jobs that could be completed in a day — a more efficient way to connect with clients who need goods shipped.

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Many years ago I was selling two-way radios to owner operator truck drivers, couriers and freight companies. One of the main arguments was the frequency with which truck drivers had no back-haul. In other words they were driving full trucks in one direction and empty trucks back.

That has frequently remained a problem despite all sorts of attempts to build regional hubs and freight distribution companies.

Maybe Convoy is finally the answer, especially for medium sized trucks that have the ability to leave freeways and go on minor roads to pick up smaller loads, Uber style, based on their proximity to each other or the customer.

I don’t know what their business model is, but it could also be used to share loads from truck to truck. Often trucks from the same company share a halfway point, swap loads and go back to their point of origin. In other cases I have met operators in the USA who travel t wherever the next load takes them, often living out of their cabs for weeks on end, away from home.

What if the freight brand no longer mattered and service levels and metrics were monitored so that everything from price, performance to shrinkage was made publicly available between carriers and customers? Imagine if trucks were more fully utilized on all trips?

This is like a hub and spoke system expect that the hub and spokes are dynamic and constantly shifting. Location based systems can also make everyone more transparent, ensuring that trucks bidding for work are in fact where they say they are and mobile scanners could also ensure that cubic capacity is clearly identified.

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