China’s tech entrepreneurs have stopped copying and started innovating (Wired UK)

China’s startups used to follow the lead of Apple and Facebook but Meituan, XinCheJian and YY are forging their own paths

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Apparently Seoul is the most ‘drunk’ city in the world. So Chinese entrepreneurs has developed a service called eDaijia which is competing with hundreds of Lyft and Uber lookalikes in China, focused specifically on taking drunk drivers home.

This is an example of Chinese entrepreneurial-ism. Of course we have had Dial a Driver in New Zealand longer than we have had Smartphones, which is kind of interesting. But the story here is about change.

We used to talk about the Japanese being great engineers, but not very original in their thinking. That changed, although South Korea is also coming to the fore. People don’t knock Korean car brands any more, they love them because they have so many more features and gadgets.

China was largely seen as a place that has thousands of factories that cheaply manufacture things designed in other countries and funded by them as customers.

According to Wired, that is changing and whether its social networks or Smartwatches, they are now moving on from BAU (how I love that thought) and becoming today’s new inventors. Perhaps not everything will fit the way the west thinks today, but we will adapt and embrace their new ideas. If I was Apple or one of the other dominant companies who fight to keep the perceived value of their technology high, I’d be worried, although they are currently the beneficiary of some of this technology such as from Zepp, which users motion detectors to coach people in their golf or tennis swing with an Apple app.

There may be a new kid in town. They have a lot of money for investment and scarcity economy may not have a place in their thinking. They might be just as happy to sell 200 million smart watches for under $100 than selling 10 million for $300 and they have the economy of scale.

The number of startup labs in China could make Silicon Valley pale into insignificance. In fact American inventors are flocking to cities like Shenzhen. What does that mean for us?

Consumers are going to be bombarded with choice. Take a little concept like the IoT or Internet of Things. Imagine if, without going to Dick Smith (oh that’s right, we won’t be able to do that much longer, perhaps due to their focus on BAU), just popping on the web you have a choice so big you don’t have time to look through it, of innovative devices you can buy for next to nothing with free shipping anywhere in the world.

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