These maps show what melting Antarctica will do to New York and cities across the U.S.

A renowned team of scientists just published a new study about sea level rise that could mean major problems for children who are living today.

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I live in a one in a hundred year flood plain and there are many hundreds of homes that would be submersed before the water hit my home. Unfortunately it would also hit one of the local power substations, so whilst I might not be wet, I may not have electricity either.

I was talking to an engineer a couple of days ago where the council want to access my property,to  dig through my concrete driveway to upgrade the storm-water system to be able to cope with one in 10 year floods. I’ve been in my house for almost 6 years and we’ve already had one of those. Those statistics aren’t just numbers. Technically I’m only 10 meters above sea level.

Climate change isn’t something you have to believe in. But you can’t ignore the extremes we are experiencing around the world. Places that used to get snow every year aren’t anymore. It’s still 25c most days in Auckland in April, although the evenings are cooling down to 17. I think a normal April would be more around 18 degrees during the day. But of course we put that down to a El Nino, not climate change.

I see places in the USA at the moment having particularly cold weather early. Things are changing and these maps should be disturbing to anyone who lives near the sea. I have never lived more than 10km from the sea and in some cases within 20 meters of it. I guess the nice thing is that in the future the sea will come to live closer to me.

Is your country prepared? Is it changing its policies and habits? The problem with a lot of these things is that people have felt that they wouldn’t be an issue in their lifetimes. I suspect this one will come home to roost a little sooner. Maybe our civil defense kit should include an inflatable life raft.

If you are reading this in the USA or live close to the sea, click on the link and have a look at the before and after maps. Then look at your place on the map and see how far you are from the ocean. Oh I do love to live beside the seaside.

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