Why 2016 Will Be The Year Of Mass Wearables Adoption – ARC

Wearables are here to stay. We just need to show them some love.

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Most people don’t define the technology they use into a category, but we have been using wearables for years. It’s your headphones or earbuds, the MP3 player armband (now that’s old school right?) I have had a smart watch for over a year, many of you reading this will have a Fitbit or similar. Some of you had devices like Pebbles long before I got my watch.

Some of you have proximity keys for your cars so you never have to take your car keys out of your pocket or handbag. I have a battery powered fancy dress T-Shirt which has an image of a graphic equalizer on it and the bands light up in exactly the right places based on the volume, bass and treble of sounds around me. I have en electronic tag (although I use my mobile app instead) that identifies me to Air NZ as a frequent flyer.

We love the idea of Google Glasses and lots of skiers and golfers are starting to wear specialized glasses that tell them where the trails are and how far it is from their ball to the next hole.

What I found really exciting, but  makes total sense is if you look at the graph on the article (click the link) the number one wearable clothing purpose according to Forrester Research in December is to access maps or navigate to a location. That’s 66% of people surveyed who showed an interest in wearables!

How would you like a phone that tells you when the next bus is coming and how to get to the bus stop, walking or driving directions, information about traffic jams and alternate routes or modes of transport, without having to get your mobile out of your bag or pocket (if it fits)?

In my short term future, I want my car to know me and unlock, my house to identify me, unlock, turn on lights and sounds (depending on time of day), track my sleep, track my drink (I have cancer and being in the usual male state of constant dehydration isn’t a good idea for me), allow me to communicate with my personal digital assistant, which means everything from saving an idea, accepting a meeting, taking a photo from my car-cam through to saving a song on Spotify. Maybe even more importantly, let me know that the call I am ignoring on my mobile is from my boss, or my family.

I want contact lenses that recognise faces, give me reviews about restaurants or accommodation, (I like being a FIT), tell me the price of petrol at a station on the same side of the road as I am traveling and signals of proximity based offers (only about things I’m interested in). I’ll settle for polarized sunglasses for a little while.

Isn’t it interesting what you take for granted. People used to think I was a geek with my Windows CE and Palm devices, walking along reading books, taking notes, sending emails. I was just early. Now we take new technology for granted. Take the Fitbit Alta. It was launched on my birthday 9th of March this year. They sold over 1 million units in the first month!

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