The police could be controlling your self-driving car

It isn’t hard to imagine why police and other public-safety officials might want the power to override how autonomous vehicles are controlled.

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This is a really interesting concept that I hadn’t considered. Of course for the foreseeable future, unless they were stolen, I couldn’t see boy racers using a driverless car.

Where legal speed information is available driverless cars could be governed, which could have a huge impact on network efficiency. Many problems could be solved with the right ITS infrastructure. Whilst traffic engineering isn’t something that always makes sense to people, the future could see vehicles arriving at their destinations more quickly by not driving at maximum speed.

For example, too many people don’t know how to merge on to a motorway or freeway. Driverless cars would enter at the same speed as the rest of the traffic, a gap would open and no one would have to slow down. Then we lose that concertina effect that slows everyone down unnecessarily.

Where there are alternate routes, or faster routes to destinations, suitable for the vehicle type, they could simply be directed to that route. Often people get confused knowing where to go when they have been diverted.

People often get confused or lost on detours around crashes or accidents. Problem solved so long as the mapping system is current.

So many people don’t know the road rules, such as who has right of way, especially if they are in a foreign country or a different state. This would be perfect for rental cars.

There are so many problems that could be solved by driverless vehicles with V2V communications. All we need to get started is sufficient critical mass.

As to the Police element, if a driverless car was stolen, all they would have to do is lock the doors and drive it to the nearest police station:) In a pursuit, it could be guided to the nearest safe pace to be parked.

Of course it isn’t that simple and if it went too far, no one would want to buy them.

There are many obstacles to overcome but the returns are potentially huge, especially in cities where population growth is rapidly outstripping road network capacity.

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