Data suggests airports are wasting their time with mobile apps – Tnooz

New data suggests that airports may be wasting their resources by creating mobile apps, when other marketing efforts might produce more merchandizing ROI.

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Maybe only 3% of apps are still active after 30 days, but which apps are they. As a frequent flyer, my airline app is an indispensable tool. When I fly with my favorite airline, I don’t need tickets, everything is managed by an app on my mobile.

Next time you check on a flight, see how many people still use paper and how many simply present their phone which also allows them to select seats, get change information about gates, weather and other information about their destinations and information about connecting flights.

Of course I am talking about the airline app, not an airport app. The first distinction needs to be frequent travelers vs occasional travelers, because an occasional traveler isn’t going to use their app frequently if they only travel once a year or less. They are not the target market.

The frequent fliers often aren’t asked about what their problems are and there are so many places where true inefficiencies can and will come. For example, locating luggage, check-in without needing to line up, where to park, where is my car, taxes, deals at airport shops, ordering coffee, weather information, traffic delays, alternate routes and modes to get to and from the airport.

I was horrified to learn a few years ago that a particular airline decided to have their IT department design their customer application. Sounds like, we’ll tell you what you want and being geeks you’ll need a manual to be able to use it.

Travel isn’t fun, it is tiring, frequently stressful. We put up with it because it is the only way to get to our destination. Mobile apps can ease a lot of the pain, but it needs to start by asking what the customer wants, not what the airport needs. IMHO

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