Hands-free driving on Auckland’s motorway – Business – NZ Herald News

A driver on Auckland’s motorway sits with his arms clasped in his lap in a video that shows the reality of the self-driving car phenomenon. – New Zealand Herald

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I had no idea this was happening until someone told me about this article in the NZ Herald. It does once again illustrate that this technology is moving very quickly.

If we continue to have safe experiences, we could see a lot more driverless cars appearing, much sooner than expected.

I still have significant concerns about things like the ability to see lane markings especially in times like dusk,  even more so on a wet evening, the ambient light and sun strike conditions we experience for long periods of time in New Zealand,  our windy roads, machine recognition and understanding  of speed and warning signs, and especially the random human factor of other motorists behaviour.

Nevertheless, this concept can solve a large number of problems if these vehicles are connected to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and to each other. There is a lot of potential for them to improve congestion in rapidly growing urban environments.

I also suspect that Tesla is going to grow as a brand at a pace that will make traditional car brands feel very uncomfortable in their rankings. I predict the growth of many new accessories and safety features in new cars, consequent to their necessity in driverless cars.

I live for the day when people who can’t parallel park, or fit their small town cars into car parks effectively buy cars that will do it for them. Not only will that be good for us, but it will also give elderly or people with lesser spatial awareness more confidence in urban driving.

I also hope that when we have more cars obeying the road  rules (because they are programmed to) we will see less people speeding, less people closing the gap on lane changes, more vehicles merging on motorways at the same speed as the traffic already on them, less rubberneckers at crashes, because the cars won’t have slowed down for people to have a look, less crashes and best of all, more predictable journeys and throughput of vehicles during peak times.

Welcome to the future.

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