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Dimension Data is partnering with IBM to analyze 198 riders’ data in the 2015 Tour de France, looking over 21 gruelling days of cycling.

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This is the next generation of a concept that started with Virtual Spectator which was a piece of software that allowed you to follow and visualize the Americas Cup from your PC or laptop. It is also now being used in windsurfing
It is a hybrid of Fleet Management software with intelligent map data and the ability to store and feed data when riders are out of reach.
Sticking with sport for the moment, apply technology like this to football and other sports and it will spawn all sorts of new technologies.
For example, imagine being able to follow a camera that automatically has your favorite player in focus all the time together with their play statistics. It could get annoying with things like offside rules if it is capable of identifying where the player is to the inch, but rules could set that outside of the offering, but allow access to the referees on demand.
This is a precursor to the technology which would allow you to put on VR goggles and watch the match from your favorite players perspective through a 3D headset, and then eventually into a VR haptic suit where you could feel impact with each step and tackle.
It can eliminate all those people in so many sports, with wearables, who sit on the sidelines and monitor every movement on a clipboard (these days more often a tablet, but still manual.
For the future though, this technology (with privacy taken into consideration) would allow cities to finally monitor traffic congestion on all modes including cyclists in order to truly optimize urban networks.

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