Why “near me” is critically important for multi-location businesses

As searchers become increasingly mobile, hyper-local searches are on the rise — and multi-location businesses stand to benefit the most.

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Are you missing out on business? I’m going to keep this one really simple. Go and check out the Google account for your business. Just look up the name on your Google browser AND on Google Maps.

Is it there? Is the information current? Chances are it isn’t and you are missing out on opportunities. So many people use this tool today. If you haven’t got it already, install Google Maps on your smartphone.

On the opening screen at the top, it now says things like ‘Try Restaurants, coffee. I tried it from my office just now and it came up with a variety near me. The closest one it offered me was 0.7 miles away.

coffeeSome of them had ratings, many had a brief description, for example The Coffee Club in Clyde Rd said that they were open until 6PM and offered a relaxed chain with coffee and light meals. Chocolate Earth showed as being closed. What was really interesting was that Chocolate Earth must have open at 9AM because when I took the screen shot, it was now showing as open until 4pm. Is that cool or what?

I also saw on the first page a business called Global IT Solutions. I’m pretty sure they are not a cafe and I was able to suggest an edit.

If you haven’t managed your business listing, perhaps you have purchased the business, you can claim the business and verify that it is yours and edit the information provided. Don’t assume the previous owners had it listed and this is a great opportunity to promote the new management.

This is all free and could generate a lot of new business, especially if you encourage people to rate your great service. At the beginning of summer, my wife and I drove for an hour to a cafe restaurant with an awesome view at Muriwai Beach, only to find it was closed for renovations. I kicked myself for not checking on my phone before I left home.

Google CafeJust because a service is free, doesn’t mean it doesn’t represent great value. This isn’t rocket science. If you struggle with this technology, ask your children or junior staff to help. Before you know it, you will be listed accurately, even with photos of your business or your specialty dish.

There is lots more you can do and lots of other services you might consider like having a Facebook page, but start simple. You can check, claim, update and start getting business from Google in less than a minute, so don’t come up with arguments about not having time.

By the way, this is for any business, you could be a corner milk bar that sells Lotto tickets, a second hand book shop, anything at all that is a destination and you can include the days and hours when you are open so people won’t be dissapointed by coming to your business and finding it closed.

You will be amazed how many people are using their phone today to make decisions about what they are going to do in real time. It’s not easy being in the retail and hospitality industry today. If you want more custom, make it easy for people to find you.

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