Condition One unveils rugged ‘Bison’ rig for outdoor VR documentaries

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Whenever there is a new innovative technology, the naysayers come out and criticize. So maybe the resolution isn’t great (neither were our TV’s for the first 30 or so years), maybe it isn’t true VR and that’s not the right name for it, but it is the precursor for what will be.

Yes it is better to experience the real thing, but often it is seeing a taste of the real thing that motivates people to go travel. The New Zealand tourism industry bets millions on that and even the3D scenes in the Lord of the Rings movie, brought more tourists here and that’s not anecdotal.

Also many people can’t afford to travel and only a small number of people can afford to travel anywhere they desire. Many people don’t have the good health to travel even if they have the funds. Why would you deprive them of the ability to have a travel experience?

As to whether it is commercially viable, it will be one day and without the pioneering and investment of business we won’t get anywhere.

I was having a discussion with a colleague last week about 3D TV and I was saying how disappointed I am that  cable providers are not transmitting in 3D now that so many of us have 3D capable TV’s. I’m sure there are still technical reasons as to why that’s not happening.

For me, I am thankful for the entrepreneurs that took us out of the caves and gave us the ability to appreciate the world we live in today. A large percentage of them went broke trying to give us the types of technologies that people on this article are knocking.

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