This Audi has a beautiful electric longboard hidden in its bumper

At Beijing’s auto show this week, Audi unveiled its Connected Mobility Concept, a trucklet based on the production Q3.

But with this concept, the vehicle itself doesn’t really matter

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At first glance it’s, whatever how many people who would ride a long board would be able to afford a new Audi.

Then let’s look at the pros and cons If you don’t know how to handle a skateboard, put up the handle and you have a serious scooter.

If you want a mobile shopping trolley, load it up and it will carry your groceries and become a driverless shopping basket that follows your smartphone, like a 4 wheeled rat following the Pied Piper.

Great for commuters who can’t get a park close enough to their destination. Issues: Is it legal on the footpath? Would you let it on the road? It can travel on batteries at up to 18km per hour.

How many people would be wanting to use it who don’t know how to ride a scooter or a longboard? What ‘s the risk of crashes and injuries?

Kudos to Audi for coming up with a novel solution for the last mile. I can’t see this being huge with the usual Audi buyer, but it it could be huge for the 2nd hand buyer!

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