Pizza Hut turns to algorithms and GPS tracking to increase sales

Yup, it’s the ‘Uber-ization’ of pizza, as Pizza Hut joins the wave of chain restaurants embracing tech.

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I had an idea many years ago which I called Pizza on the Beach. The idea was that using GPS on your phone and prepaying so that it didn’t end up being abused by childish pranks, you could order your pizza from anywhere, using a smartphone app and using the GPS on your phone, the delivery person could easily find you even if you were catching some rays on the beach. Like my old favorite app “Where’s My Car?’

Pizza Hut appear to be inspired by Uber in this case with the concept being, you can tell where and how far away the pizza is that you ordered. This is a nice simple feature and really good if someone has to go outside and meet the person doing the delivery, or if you are preparing other things to time with the delivery of your food.

It’s interesting how one innovation leads into another. Have you thought of any ideas for an industry that could gain an unfair advantage or enhance their service delivery based on what Uber are doing?

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2 Responses to Pizza Hut turns to algorithms and GPS tracking to increase sales

  1. So they are following Dominos lead from 12 months ago when they launched GPS tracker?


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