Top 10 American Cities for Working Moms

Can one really have it all? We set out to find where in the U.S. a career woman can find the best opportunities for herself and her kids.

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We still live in a world where there is income inequality between the genders, but there are cities that offer great lifestyle, good incomes and some in this list where female executives significantly outnumber meny.

The tide is changing and it’s about time. Of course there are parts of the US and parts of the world where women may be seen to be treated as second class citizens. I have seen plenty of that myself.

You do need to take some care when examining these statistics, because there are some lower paying jobs, such as domestic household work that are dominated by women. Taking that into consideration it is interesting that a city like Orlando, with its many hotels, resorts and theme parks, where women earn on average 95% of men’s salary. There are programs designed specifically to educate and promote women into executive positions.

I’m just sharing the link and stats here, but I’m happy to weigh in that I work in a business that has many female executives including my own CE and they are all very good at their work. I don’t believe that there are many jobs where women can’t equal men in performance. I also believe that the mix should reflect the gender balance in society.

These sorts of statistics are available in most countries, so if you are a family and looking at relocating, this may be one of the statistics for cities and suburbs from your national census demographics that you want to check out for a couple of reasons:
1. It will impact on your earning and lifestyle potential.
2. It may reflect on the local societal attitude towards gender equality and how happy you will be living in a particular area.

In my book Buying a House – Using Real Estate Apps, Maps and Location Based Services I point out a lot of statistics you should consider. Equal pay wasn’t one of the things I thought of at the time. You will however find many other valuable insights if you are considering moving to another suburb, city, state or country.

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