‘GPS Bullets’ Are Helping Cops Avoid High-Speed Chases – Newsy


Transcript: Law enforcement agencies are starting to roll out GPS bullets they can shoot at vehicles to avoid getting involved in high-speed chases. The GP

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Sounds a bit scary at first, but these bullets are GPS transmitters and are designed for use in tracking suspects who fail to stop when required by Police. Often Police are forced to alt a pursuit for safety reasons and they need to resort to other strategies.

These devices developed by StarChase are mounted behind the grill of the Police car and a laser is used to help sight it. Given the circumstances, shooting at a moving target, their hit rate can be improved, but it is helping US Police catch offenders and reducing crime whilst improving safety of all people, including the offender themselves.

Civil rights campaigners have been consulted and say that as long as that is the only purpose they are used for, they have no problem with the technology.

It seems that once again ideas that come from Science Fiction are becoming reality and around 100 Police Departments in the USA have now deployed this technology.

Maybe this will give Police more time to step up to the #RunningManChallenge, it’s gaining popularity all over the world….


This is where we first saw it down-under

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