All Indian Cell Phones To Have Panic Buttons From January 1

Come January 1, 2017. Every mobile phone in India will be fitted with a panic button that can be used by women in danger, Minister for Child and Women Development Maneka Gandhi said on Friday.

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I had a weird dream this morning where a bunch of hoods were chasing me to rob me. I hid in a closet in a hall they were ransacking and realizing it was a a dream decided I would wake up instead of seeing how it played out.

As I woke up, I thought to myself I could ring 111 (our 911) but if I had to talk to the call centre, I would be giving up my location to the hoods. I then decided that I would txt someone and ask them to call the Police, That would take some time and there is no guarantee that they would even see the text in time to help.

So the next thought was why isn’t there a simple mobile system that isn’t easily able to be triggered accidentally like the panic button on my car’s remote (which probably woke the neighborhood yesterday).

It should be easy to develop a tool like Facebook Live or Skype to contact Police, activate the GPS so they can find you and view through one or both of the cameras on the phone so they can get a visual on what is going on.

So why don’t we have a system like that when today in many places there are as many or more mobiles with GPS and cameras than there are people?

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