Milford company’s GPS app charts the scenic route

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MILFORD >> Most navigation Apps are designed to get people to their destination as quickly as possible, but now there’s a new app designed by two men from Milford that takes walkers and drivers via the slower, scenic routes.

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These guys could be onto a winner here, the key not so much about being on the long route, because all major nav systems have options such as ‘Avoid Main Roads’ which could be a great way to see Route 66. However the concept here is crowd sourced information about routes and locations of interest.

For starters most areas have scenic routes, but navigation systems typically don’t have them noted as such. All navigation systems have POI or Points of Interest ranging from shops to parks, beaches and public toilets. What they don’t have so much of is the really cool places that a lot of people don’t know about.

For example, I take a less congested route to work where I go past magnificent beaches, there are many random places in New Zealand where you can see seals, penguins, bird colonies, dolphins, old abandoned villas and other attractions that you might never find out about, just on the side of the road. The concept of sharing rides or walks isn’t new of course and there are apps out there designed to give you walking and riding tours for special interests but these are typically localized.

A few years ago my wife and I did a blues music history tour of 4 States. There was no app, there were leaflets and brochure-ware, which is still extremely common in the US outside of the big cities and they were very difficult to navigate. They were fine for identifying places to see, but to put them together into a route was a nightmare which cost me many evening hours after long days of traveling, when I would rather have been relaxing.

A great market would be for people doing road trips. I remember spending an evening with a couple who did a Winnebago tour circumnavigating the coast of Australia. They said that the best sites they found and sights they saw were provided by word of mouth by other people doing the same type of trip. For example they told me about a camping ground they were going to go to in the Northern Territory. They said they were told by other travelers  about a freedom camp on the beach with showers, toilets etc and the most amazing sunsets that they would never have found otherwise. It wasn’t on the map and a few miles up a dirt road from the place they were going to spend the night at.

The Round Scenic Route sounds like a great application. If the founders read this blog, I am still looking for an app that lets me log every road I have walked or driven on and by mode. I’m sure cyclists would want this as well.

The idea is I would be highly motivated to be able to say I have walked on every street in the neighborhood and over time I’d also like to be able to do the same, phasing the walk called Te Araroa which goes from the top of the New Zealand to the bottom over a numb of years. I’d like to be able to look at a map on my mobile device that highlighted every road I have been on, not just overlay specific routes which is what apps like Map my Run and Strava do very well.

There are plenty of commercial travel apps out there that are good for tourism in sectors, but they are typically commercially focused, because they are funded by advertising revenue, on advertisers Points of Interest, rather than those wonderful hidden gems that locals and ‘off the main road’ travelers know about.

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