Sony patents contact lens that records what you see

Sony has been awarded a patent for a smart contact lens that would be capable of recording video.

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So what would you do with this if it worked, forget about the technology, that will undoubtedly become possible. When Google Glasses came and went, many people were keen, but not on the glasses themselves, so here’s a possibility, although this  particular patent is only about capturing, transmitting and storing images rather than displaying anything to the user.

Obviously the spy industry will be all over this whether its government, private eyes or trolls. It would also be very useful for Police an security industries for recording incidents for use as evidence.

I could see them as being very useful in serous event management, such as on the scene of a crash, an earthquake or some form of disaster where .images could be sent through to supporters whilst keeping the person on the ground totally free to do their work.

It does have a transmitter, but doesn’t seem to have a microphone and of course if it had anything like GPS, it would need a massive battery, so it’s not going to replace GPS tracking units.

Most sports that use tech like GoPro will be happy wearing smaller devices, but I can’t imagine any reason why they would go for contact lenses.

I do believe that one day lenses like this will enable some blind people to see, which is the most important opportunity in my mind. My late grandfather burnt his corneas from snow blindness and was given experimental artificial eyes which allowed hm to see shadows and shapes, but they were big and looked like fly’s eyes. That was probably 20 years ago, so the concept isn’t new.

I would certainly have privacy and security issues with this concept being used in an uncontrolled way. Whilst privacy is all but history, if someone points a mobile or a camera at you, you know you are being recorded. In this case you would have no idea at all.

What do you think, how would you use them? How would you feel about other people using them. When Google Glasses first came out many people said they would refuse to attend meetings with anyone wearing them, but today with cameras in pens, watches and our Smartphones it would be incredibly easy for people to record discretely anyway.

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