Sell More Beer With Pokemon Go

Or anything else at your destination retail or hospitality business.

I’ve spent years trying to get businesses to invest in location based services, apps, maps and the like. Now if you are in the business and are a little bit savvy, you can potentially make a lot of sales for next to nothing.

Here’s how you do it. If you own a bar, microbrewery, restaurant, cafe, how would you like to make some profit and have some fun?

lureAll you need to do is get a Pokemon player to come to your location and set up a lure. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what that is, find a teenager or someone of legal age, if you are selling alcohol and get them to set up a lure at your premises.

Comp them a beer or product for their trouble or give them $1.99 which will buy them the 100 coins needed to set up a lure which will attract Pokemon players from all over the place, who are walking around right now trying to catch Pokemon characters.

It will last or half an hour and if you sell one beer, you will have made a profit! I would hope that my friends at BBC (Birkenhead Brewing company)will have already thought of this and of course the awesome Giapo in Auckland City for those looking for something non alcoholic like an amazing gelato.

coinsOf course you could keep that going for quite a while while the novelty lasts and it doesn’t have to be limited to retail, it could be the zoo, a theater or pretty much any destination. It could be a bus or a train even. You could have people jumping on public transport just to play the game.

Anyway, if I had a destination, that’s what I’d be doing right now and if you follow my advice and it works for you, I could be open for a small thank-you of a lager or an ice cream, although it is a bit cold right now! At the very least, please share my blog with someone you think could benefit from it and help me pay it forward. I would also welcome comments, positive or negative:) OK, I’d prefer positive lol.




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Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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1 Response to Sell More Beer With Pokemon Go

  1. Roy Davies says:

    Great concept. The idea of being able to sell games that are location intelligent to promote products is not new though. At Imersia, we did this to promote movies with treasure hunt said round malls, games to attract people into stores and promotional apps that inform by location where and when things are happening at events.


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