How Many Houses Should a Buyer See?

IMG_5540I curate quite a few articles as well as writing my own blogs and lately I have been getting frustrated with the number of publications, today that includes The Mirror and the Sioux City Journal, that either hide behind paywalls, or in today’s cases, want you to answer an 8-10 question survey in order to able to view an article. I mean, why would an advertiser in Iowa want information about a reader in New Zealand. Yes I have pets and I want a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter that is good at picking up dog hair, but I’m not going to Plymouth to buy one.

Both of them had good articles about buying a house and I would have shared them with you, but I know you would not thank me for putting you through those surveys, or in other cases, giving you Cookie based alerts, limiting you to a very small number of articles in a month before having to either subscribe or give them your email address, so they can send you messages from their sponsors who are probably also in another part of the world.

So in this case, I’m not going to send you to those publications when they come up in my search results, like this one about how many houses a buyer should view. I’ll create my own content because I don’t need their article, even though it might have been a good one.

The short answer to the question is as few as possible. I’ll refer you to my last blog here which was a review of the Auckland, New Zealand Realtor Barfoot & Thompson app and a discussion on how to do your homework before you go looking. You will find more of my blogs on the topic here.

If you prepare really well, know why you are buying, what you can afford and what you need in a home, I think you can probably find the right property by looking at maybe 7-8 homes in total. The more you view and the less prepared you are, the more confused and frustrated you will get.

I would also recommend attending a couple of auctions (at least one where you are not interested in any of the houses) just so you can see how it all works, without getting stressed about someone else bidding for the house you like.

3d (2)I almost forgot. I’ve just written a new eBook. It will be on Amazon in a few weeks time for around US$38. But as one of my valued readers, you can get it for free here. That’s good value for money isn’t it? Don’t tell anyone.

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  1. Luigi Cappel says:

    Since writing this blog, the new eBook has been published and can be found here


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