Short Videos About GPS, Apps, Maps and More: Location Based Shorts. The Eyes Have It.

Where could you find that scene?

Location Based Shorts is a new series where I am embarking on a new series of sub 3 minute VLOGS (Video Blogs) about things that interest me and if you follow me, probably will interest you.

I comment on things taking place in the world of location based services which can take in almost anything.

The first eight short videos cover:

  • A Japanese stalker who used a number of technologies including reflections in his victim’s eyes from a selfie she posted at her usual train station, to identify her commute, working out her train station using Google Street View. He followed her home and viciously attacked her.
  • A new WiFi based technology that will allow police to digitise the unique gait , the way someone walks from a video, such as a security camera video and using software combined with existing WiFi or portable WiFi transceivers located outside, to confirm that the unique suspect they are pursuing is in a building (through the wall). This could save countless lives if it ends up with shots being fired.
  • The latest innovative new technologies from the 2019 Dubai Congress of Driverless Transport, some of which are already being trialed.
  • Sticker from Tile. A new type of peer to peer tracking device based on the Tile network that you can stick in your wallet, on your keyring or other valuables. Does it deserve to be stuck up on a pedestal?
  • People searching for a car park represents 30% of urban traffic congestion. With a focus on pushing people onto public transport by reducing the number of urban carparks councils plan to reduce the traffic jams. Will it work?
  • The Thailand Department of Land Transport is going to make GPS tracking devices compulsory in all public cars. You can track where that is going, but if not I’ll tell you the direction I think it will take.
  • Connected cars, 5G and the new features that everyone wants from a car but don’t really want to pay a premium for. Let’s cruise through a list of them.
  • Domino’s Pizza are going to trial Robot Food Delivery. People don’t want to drive for them, so they are working on a future where the drivers get what they want and customers have hot food arriving on a shelf in their driveways. That future arrives in Houston in 2019.
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About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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