Of course it doesn’t actually apply to you because you read my blog and you know how tirelessly I have worked to encourage people to make smarter decisions about their travel, especially their commute.

So don’t think of this as being addressed at you, but remember this little blog when you look over at the person in the car in the urban parking lot next to yours tomorrow. This is for them.

Tomorrow they will be driving back to work, maybe for the first time in the decade. The traffic will be bad and then, like frog leg soup, on Tuesday it will be worse, the heat will come on and they will start feeling the effect.

By the end of the week, just add some wine and garlic. It won’t help, but it might take their minds off it until the next Monday.

They don’t use car navigation, because they know where they are going. They don’t use real time traffic information because you don’t need someone to tell you its bad. It just adds salt, right?

So off they go, heading for the water cooler, where they can form a mutual sympathy huddle and ask why no one does anything. Here’s the thing. It’s up to them, not someone else. They are the system.

I have a question. Was I right? Are you a frog, or are you going to jump out of the pot and do something about it. If so, what?

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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5 Responses to YOU’RE ALL FROGS

  1. Nicolas says:

    It’s not the first week of the decade, but the cycle would continue until the frog’s leg become numb or fell off. At least frogs know how to swim and may slide into the ocean.

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  2. is an increase in mass transit options something to consider?

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