Will Telecommuting Become Part of Your New Normal?

Living in a country like New Zealand, you have to appreciate that there is more to life than sitting in traffic going into a city every day. The number of people that have told me over the years, that they only live in the city because of their skillset and that is where the jobs are.

Do you wake up in the city, smell the traffic, anticipate sitting on public transport or in your car for an hour and think to yourself “I’m living the dream?” Do you live in the city and wake up to car horns, the smell of diesel and petrol fumes and think to yourself, “I’ve made it!”

Or do you go on holiday and see people living in those places that you visit for a couple of weeks a year and wish you were one of them?

Many people don’t really want to live in the cities, but felt they had to to make a good income for their families. But, cities like Auckland also has some of the most expensive real estate in the world. For the same money, you can buy a wonderful home in the country near a river, lake, ski field, beach, bush or whatever it is you enjoy doing. Real estate agents are telling us that properties are selling faster in our towns that in the city. Where would you rather live? In an apartment of average sized suburban home for a million dollars, or in a lifestyle area.

In the past people were afraid to leave the city real estate market and move to the country, because they were worried they could not afford to buy back into the urban market. Now I ask, why would you need or want to move back? Obviously it’s not for everyone and not all have the skills to live anywhere they like. Maybe that’s something to think about for people who are starting out on getting an education to support their careers. What type of job will give you a great lifestyle, telecommuting, and living in an environment that gives you pleasure.

Remote working today, as long as you have good Internet access can be done from pretty much anywhere. Can it work? We have proven that it can, out of necessity, during the COVID19 lockdown. The barriers of technology, trusting staff, worries about productivity have mostly been overcome, even for companies who did not have a telecommuting framework or model.

Even if the pandemic is on it’s way out for us, and that is a big if, social distancing means that many offices are currently too small to house all their staff.

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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