Adapting to a Post COVID19 Workplace and Transport Model

There are many considerations about the return to work post COVID19 lockdowns.

Social distancing is an interesting one. Many organisations have gone to open plan workspaces in place of offices, but now we have to consider social distancing. This means that many of the workspaces will be too close together and there may not be enough room to house all of the people that would normally be in an office.

COVID contact tracing is another concern. If one of your staff has been infected by the coronavirus, who else have they been in contact with?

Post COVID19 Traffic

Getting to and from the workplace is an issue. Many people are reluctant to use public transport and as a result, our highways in many cities are more congested than they were pre-COVID19. That’s because so many of the cars only have one occupant.

ServiceNow announced last week that they have integrated Uber services into their Safe Workplace Suite, which also provides support for the problems mentioned above. This means that safe transport can be managed in a holistic environment for employees.

To add to this, the Australian government has exempted rideshare services from FBT. This will make services like Uber even more attractive, being cheaper than taxis and possibly for some, also cheaper than providing company cars, which are taxed as a perk, even if for some they are a bona fide business necessity.

About Luigi Cappel

Writer for hire, marketing consultant specialising in Location Based Services. Futurist and Public Speaker Auckland, New Zealand
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