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Pay As You Drive Car Insurance – A Big Disruptor?

I have written several posts in the past, suggesting that PAYD insurance will become popular in the future, but acknowledging that most traditional car insurance companies won’t like it. Shareholders will hate the concept, because the customers who have the … Continue reading

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Driving Is Losing Its Allure for More Americans

America’s youth aren’t rushing out to get their drivers licenses as they once did, a trend that signals the auto industry’s new interest in car-sharing services and autonomous vehicles might be the right tack. Sourced through from: Perhaps … Continue reading

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US government gets in gear by ‘investing’ in connected cars | TU Automotive

PAYD (Pay As You Drive) with rewards for good driving behaviors would be a great start. These could include discounts on registration, reduced insurance premiums as well as bragging rights through gamification. Continue reading

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Traffic congestion: is there a miracle cure? (Hint: it’s not roads)

We all know that a lot of the problem is the road and transport users themselves, but it’s always the other guy isn’t it? Continue reading

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Driverless cars: Who is responsible when something goes wrong? – Orlando Sentinel

Driverless cars: Who is responsible when something goes wrong? Orlando Sentinel The car itself is navigating into the spot, which it manages without a scratch. Source: It is good to see car manufacturers looking to prevent driver-less cars from … Continue reading

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Apple invention helps iPhone users find their parked car despite poor cell … – Apple Insider

Business Insider Australia Apple invention helps iPhone users find their parked car despite poor cell … Apple Insider Apple’s automatic car parking and navigation patent applications were first filed for in February 2013 and credit Jason A. Source: This … Continue reading

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Brussels charges to tackle traffic turmoil

See on – Location Is Everywhere The EU capital may start charging drivers per mile to combat congestion, writes Trent Broad. Luigi Cappel‘s insight: Are PAYD urban taxes the next step to get motorists off the streets. At what … Continue reading

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