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5 Tips for Successful Teleworking During the Covid19 Event

Since the Coronavirus first reared its ugly head, I have been recommending telecommuting as a way of reducing the risks of spreading Corid19 through your workforce. I have been pushing for this for years for many reasons, including reduced business … Continue reading

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First Home Buying Tip – Check Out Your Neighbors

It’s 2AM and I leap out of bed, grab the Fijian souvenir skull crusher club from under the bed, ready to deal with an intruder in the house! Continue reading

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Working From Home AND 7 tips to make it work.

This morning I read a great article by Stuart Crawford of Inkbot Design called 12 Tips for Increasing Productivity When Working from Home. It got me thinking about lessons I had learned from my own experience and thought I’d share some … Continue reading

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Sometimes I think I should become a proof-reader. Whatever happened to editors?

I see it everywhere and it drives me nuts. Whether it’s printed or digital newspapers, books by top authors, articles, or in this header from FOX. News services stand out the most because you expect good spelling and grammar from … Continue reading

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Life List #6/150 Write a Sequel to Unleashing the Roadwarrior

It’s been 15 years since I wrote and published Unleashing the Road Warrior and it’s interesting both how much has changed and how little has changed. I was planning on writing a book about traffic congestion on our roads and … Continue reading

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4 Reasons why Sheriff Departments GPS ankle bracelet devices have limits and how to fix that

See on – Location Is Everywhere Press-Enterprise INLAND ENFORCEMENT: GPS devices have limits Press-Enterprise Inland sheriffs’ departments and county probation offices use GPS ankle bracelets and other kinds of detection devices for people on probation or as an alternative … Continue reading

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Foursquare’s new notifications and the future of contextual mobile …

See a 20 minute preso from Foursquare at – Location Is Everywhere Foursquare’s new notifications and the future of contextual mobile experiences. Dec 18th. For the last year I’ve been obsessed with a new breed of mobile applications that … Continue reading

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#marketing 15 Common Grammar Mistakes We All Need to Stop Making (Read Time 41 seconds)

See on – Creating Great Blogs Even after years and years of learning it in school, grammar is just one of things that many people don’t always get right. It’s hard. Words and phrases that sound fine in your … Continue reading

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28 Reasons Your Business Can’t Afford NOT to Blog

See on – Creating Great Blogs Today, it’s no secret that businesses are focusing more and more of their marketing efforts on inbound strategies. Luigi Cappel‘s insight: Try to argue with these stats and then see how you can … Continue reading

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War Stories From the ICT Trenches from Luigi Cappel (Read Time 50 seconds)

You never know when you can learn from another person’s experience. It can be fun at times, but why not learn from others if you can? On 31 October I will have the privilege of sharing the podium at the … Continue reading

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