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Kiwi and Australian Retailers Need to do Change to Beat Amazon

Yesterday I saw a story on CNN about Toys R Us filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It is big news for retailers and their CEO says they will survive by competing with Amazon and meeting customers needs with new store … Continue reading

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Car, tech firms must work together to provide Internet, ‘apps’ : Ford executive – KDAL

See on – Location Is Everywhere Blouin News Blogs Car, tech firms must work together to provide Internet, ‘apps’ : Ford executive KDAL For example, Google Inc’s Tarun Bhatnagar, director of Google Maps for Business, speaking after Farley, described … Continue reading

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Retail and Hospitality: Sell More Beds and Bed Nights by Collaborating

Three industries for the price of one. If you see me speak, you will know that ‘collaboration’ is a common word in my vocabulary. You may have a lot more opportunities with businesses in your neighborhood than you realize. If you are in … Continue reading

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