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TomTom Is Applying Its GPS Technology To Self-Driving Cars And Fitness Watches

From TechCrunch TomTom are answering one of the questions I’ve been asking about for a long time. What if I don’t want to take my phone, but I still want the GPS and other features when I go out for … Continue reading

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Google’s self-driving cars have been in 11 accidents because humans are dumb

The viability of self-driving cars will likely be debated and scoffed at for a long time, but at least we know they’re not distracted by their cellphones. In an article… Source: thenextweb.com This is exactly the point I have been … Continue reading

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How to Teach an Autonomous Car to Drive – Gizmodo

Driving a car is easy. Engine on, eyes open, foot on the gas and you’re all set. So why is it taking autonomous cars so long to learn? Source: gizmodo.com So we can deal with inaccurate maps as long as … Continue reading

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A Solution For The GPS Jammer Threat – Strategy Page

See on Scoop.it – Location Is Everywhere A Solution For The GPS Jammer Threat Strategy Page The U.S. Department of Defense is spending more research dollars on developing a jam resistant replacement, or backup (depending on who you talk to), … Continue reading

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