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Some People are Sheep – Some People are Lemmings

Of course you aren’t moved by the crowd. You’re intelligent and reading my blog. Have you ever been in this situation? You’re out on a Saturday evening and you’ve decided to go out for dinner. You walk past a few … Continue reading

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How effective is a GPS Monitor for home detention? Is it tech or the system?

In the 2015 legislative session, state Rep. Carl Trujillo, D-Santa Fe, introduced a bill to address using GPS data in restraining order cases. Source: http://www.abqjournal.com I’m very surprised at the headline. It doesn’t gel with what is actually a very … Continue reading

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Google Maps vs. Nokia HERE: two great Android map apps compared – AndroidPIT US (blog)

Google Maps might be the king of Android map apps, but Nokia HERE maps has been gaining popularity. See how the two face off in our Android map apps comparison. Source: http://www.androidpit.com Well put together review. I haven’t tried Google … Continue reading

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What’s the Best GPS Nav for 2015? ​Nokia’s Here for Android exits beta with offline navigation, 3D venue maps – ZDNet

How will you decide what is best for your needs? I’d love you to leave a comment on how you will decide. Review, Word of Mouth, Listen to the retail assistant read off the packaging? Continue reading

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Homeowner: Google Maps directions lead through my property – WKRC TV Cincinnati

“There is a way to try to get Google to change or clarify a map. But it might be easier to get a criminal record expunged.” Continue reading

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GPS Real Time Tracking by Spy Matrix Micro GPS Tracker — GPS for Bikes

GPS Real Time Tracking by Spy Matrix Micro GPS Tracker http://t.co/G4QCd9wS4o Source: http://www.gpsforbikes.com I don’t usually promote products and I can’t tell you if this product is good or not. What I do know, with 2 family members into competitive … Continue reading

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Lower-cost navigation system developed for self-driving cars – Phys.Org

So tomorrow when you drive to work, use your navigation system and note everything you do that is different to what the map tells you and the think about being in a car that has to make those decisions. Continue reading

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