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The hidden ways traffic flows – BBC News

How crucial was that call and couldn’t you have made it safely from the side of the road? If it wasn’t important enough to do that, then maybe it wasn’t important enough to crash for. Continue reading

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New York City lowers its speed limit to save lives, and a lot of impatient people freak out

The city copes at 25 miles per hour. Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com This is an interesting story and I would love an opinion from you New Yorkers who are following my blogs. From what I saw of a lot of NYC the … Continue reading

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Traffic Congestion Costs Americans $124 Billion A Year, Report Says – Forbes

You are a critical part of the intelligent transport system (ITS), it’s just that many of you choose not to use it. Crazy isn’t it, when most of the information is available for free. Continue reading

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