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Smart clothes peg pings your phone when there’s rain on the way

Peggy is a smart clothes-peg prototype that uses a number of sensors and local weather information to tell you when the washing is dry and ping you when rain’s on the way to prevent you drying the same load twice. … Continue reading

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These maps show what melting Antarctica will do to New York and cities across the U.S.

A renowned team of scientists just published a new study about sea level rise that could mean major problems for children who are living today. Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.upworthy.com I live in a one in a hundred year flood … Continue reading

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209 drought maps show just how thirsty California has become

Just how bad is the California drought? Here is every map of the state released by the U.S. Drought Monitor since 2011. Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.latimes.com What amazes me is how quickly this has happened. Of course now we … Continue reading

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Google Maps can now tell you if it’s worth installing solar panels on your roof | The Verge

Google wants to help you harness the power of the sun. A new service called Project Sunroof aims to provide a “treasure map” of solar energy with the help of Google Maps. Sunroof gives homeowners… Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.theverge.comContinue reading

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