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Coca-Cola has taken a step closer to using beacons to turn location-based marketing on its head

It represents a major step toward Coke figuring out a role for beacons in its marketing mix, which is still shackled somewhat by its… Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.thedrum.com There’s no question that a combination of location based marketing with … Continue reading

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Swarm App 3.0 – New & Improved Check In App

If you loved the old Foursquare, you are going to love the new Swarm app. Swarm 3.0 has mayorships, coins, and themed stickers. It is time for you to come back … Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.youtube.com It’s interesting to … Continue reading

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Designing for Place: How location can help brands like Home Depot and … – VentureBeat

The element of place will fundamentally change mobile app design for the better. Source: venturebeat.com This is a great story that illustrates some of the reasons why store apps succeed and fail. It includes concepts of gamification and personalization, 2 … Continue reading

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10 Excellent Lessons from Google to Help Students Better Use Google Maps in Their Learning ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Bueno> 10 Excellent Lessons from Google to Help Students Better Use Google Maps in Their Learning: January 5, … http://t.co/kYc5kgIW6P Source: http://www.educatorstechnology.com This is great, except it seems to be missing the gamification element. Why not make it fun and … Continue reading

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7 Creative Ideas for all Countries: Traffic congestion costing country €274 million a year – MaltaToday

Remember when you were younger and full of ideas, but smart grown ups didn’t listen? Just recently a young schoolgirl suggested to her scientist parents that they try using antibiotics like Doxycyline to fight cancer and hey, for some people it seems to have worked. Continue reading

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Innovative Approaches to Encourage Travelers to Help Manage Transportation in Metro Corridors

By Paul Minett, Chair of the Ridesharing Institute Abstract: Travelers are doing a lousy job at assisting in successful traffic management, often absolving responsibility to others. We need to enco Source: http://www.newcitiesfoundation.org An excellent article from Paul Minett. Two things … Continue reading

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Cloak social networking app wants to help you avoid your ‘friends’ – The Guardian

See on Scoop.it – Location Is Everywhere The Guardian Cloak social networking app wants to help you avoid your ‘friends’ The Guardian Initially, it uses data from Foursquare and Instagram to pinpoint the location of your contacts based on their … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Grow Your Business with GPS

GPS is changing people’s lives in so many ways. Traditionally we thought of GPS from a navigation perspective, largely about people finding their way to where they want to go. The question for you today is more about how does … Continue reading

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10 Great Ideas to Grow Your Retail Business Engaging With Customers

Retail is a location based business, but technology is having a major impact on it in many ways. Here are links to some of my most popular blogs lots of ways that you can take advantage of mobile and location … Continue reading

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Gamification and Retail Location Based Services

Yesterday when I was speaking at the New Zealand eTourism Conference the subject of gamification came up. Interesting that not many people knew what the word meant and in fact as I write this, neither does my spell checker. Gamification … Continue reading

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