About Luigi Cappel and SoLoMo Consulting

SoLoMo Consulting is a business launched in August 2012 to provide consultancy to people and companies wanting to know more about the implications of Location Based Services, GPS, Proximity Based Marketing, Social Media and Mobile to their businesses. It closed in August 2020, and Luigi is now a writer for hire and consultant branded as Telling Our Stories. This blog has been very popular and for now it will remain under this moniker.

You can view Luigi’s profile here.

All opinions expressed in this blog are his own and do not necessary reflect the opinions of any of his clients.

Luigi may still be contacted on email luigi@solomoconsulting.co.nz or on mobile (New Zealand) 021530667. Connect with Luigi on XeeMe. Luigi has other blogs including his personal one, The Future Diaries and one about his alter ego as a songwriter.

7 Responses to About Luigi Cappel and SoLoMo Consulting

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  6. wale olapade says:

    Love your business concept on social media and innovation. won’t mind to do business with you.
    i am wale olapade-the writer of the INDABA 2014 builds new frontiers to boost tourism in Africa – Nigerian Tribune. cheers


  7. Luigi Cappel says:

    Thank you Wale. I love to see innovation in countries like Nigeria. Often difficult situations produce amazing innovations that people miss, because they keep focusing on Silicon Valley and the like.


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