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Where’s My Phone? How to make sure you can find it when it is misplaced or stolen.

People misplace their mobiles often. I challenge you to say that you have never ever spent time trying to remember where you left it. The industry does really well out of mobiles that have been lost on public transport, airports, … Continue reading

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5 Ideas Thanks to Uber Data Science

In an article in Verge, they identified that Uber has discovered you are more likely to pay surge pricing if the battery on your mobile is low. Surge pricing is where they put the price up when they are low … Continue reading

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Pizza Hut turns to algorithms and GPS tracking to increase sales

Yup, it’s the ‘Uber-ization’ of pizza, as Pizza Hut joins the wave of chain restaurants embracing tech. Sourced through from: I had an idea many years ago which I called Pizza on the Beach. The idea was that … Continue reading

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Why 2016 Will Be The Year Of Mass Wearables Adoption – ARC

Wearables are here to stay. We just need to show them some love. Sourced through from: Most people don’t define the technology they use into a category, but we have been using wearables for years. It’s your headphones … Continue reading

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Creepy hidden map inside your iPhone that records everywhere you go

Frequent locations is a feature of iPhone operating systems from iOS 7 upwards, and is automatically turned on for most users, who are never informed that it is watching their every move. Sourced through from: Sinister or just … Continue reading

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How technology adds value to freight services – Lloyd’s Loading List

RT @PalletwaysUK: It is evident to us that technology adds value to freight services. Read more on @lloydsloading #s… Sourced through from: When I first read this,I thought, “but we’ve been doing this for years”. The reality … Continue reading

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San Francisco firm Uber to bring private car-hailing app technology to Taiwan – WantChinaTimes

Whilst WantChinaTimes San Francisco firm Uber to bring private car-hailing app technology to Taiwan WantChinaTimes The apps, when downloaded to the user’s smartphone, detect the Global Positioning System’s (GPS) space-based satellite navigation system and…


Whilst legislation may need to catch up, the reality is that this is a new wave of transportation.


I hear and understand a lot of complaints from the existing industries, but there are many arguments in favor of this evolution. It could mean fewer cars on the road. That has to be good from a green perspective.


One way the existing taxi industry could compete is by allowing passengers to rate existing taxi drivers, because there are drivers who take their customers ‘the long way round’ and this is one of the reasons that the whole industry gets a bad name.


A classic example I hear frequently is asking the passenger which route to take. This is a way of letting the driver off if they take the longer or more congested route. They should all be using solutions such as Waze or TomTom with real time traffic. If they are professional, then most of the time they know the fastest route at any time of day


Taxi companies should read ‘What Would Google Do’ by Jeff Jarvis. If they uniformly provided a great service, people would not be wanting other services. These new services could not get off the ground or survive if the existing ones were providing a great solution.


Just like book stores, record stores and other industries, the taxi industry needs to keep reinventing itself or others will take over. That is the nature of change.


With my tongue firmly planted in my cheek, I believe there is a global conspiracy. There is a central location on the planet where they send taxi drivers to countries where they don’t speak the local language and don’t know the local road network.


Continue reading

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