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Google finally learns to talk like an Aussie

Slang words like ‘arvo’, ‘footy’ and ‘Maccas’ have been added to the search engine and Google Maps vocabulary. Sourced through from: How does Siri work for you? I’ve been trying all sorts of things on my iPhones lately … Continue reading

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Mapped: The world’s most corrupt countries

British officials seen as some of the most unbribeable in the world while Somalia and North Korea rated as most corrupt Sourced through from: This may not present a lot of surprises,  but you know I like a … Continue reading

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Facebook soon to expand beyond its “like” button

It won’t be long before Facebook’s 1.6 billion users have more ways to quickly express their feelings on the world’s largest social network Sourced through from: This isn’t just good news for social media users who don’t want … Continue reading

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Driving Is Losing Its Allure for More Americans

America’s youth aren’t rushing out to get their drivers licenses as they once did, a trend that signals the auto industry’s new interest in car-sharing services and autonomous vehicles might be the right tack. Sourced through from: Perhaps … Continue reading

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How self-driving cars will cut accidents 90 percent (Q&A) – CNET

For Road Trip 2015, CNET talks with the University of Michigan’s Peter Sweatman about the rapid merging of computers and cars, and the fake city in Ann Arbor where it’s being put to the test. Sourced through from: http://www.cnet.comContinue reading

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Volvo promises ‘DEATHPROOF’ cars by 2020

The Swedish company, which has built its reputation on safety, says a world where nobody dies in car accidents is closer than most people think. Sourced through from: Volvo has always had a great reputation for safety and … Continue reading

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Mapped: how buy-to-let will lose money in 91pc of regions by 2021

Buy-to-let is under threat from rising mortgage rates, new regulation and swingeing taxes. By region and city, this shows how quickly property investments could turn sour Sourced through from: So much of property investment is made by the … Continue reading

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Why travel sickness could put the brakes on driverless cars

Age-old problem of travel sickness threatens the hoped-for benefits of letting a computer take the wheel in autonomous cars Sourced through from: I didn’t know I suffered kinetosis, at least I didn’t know that’s what it was called, … Continue reading

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This Map Shows How Large Europe’s Refugee Crisis Really Is

Data visualization company Lucify used U.N. statistics to show the recent mass movement of people to the continent. Sourced through from: I was looking for a map that illustrates what is happening in Europe in relation to the … Continue reading

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Proportional Map of the World’s Largest Languages

we had coWho here speaks Lahnda? Proportional Map of the World’s Largest Languages via @mental_floss Sourced through from: I thought we had covered off this topic some time ago. I bogged about a Telegraph story at the … Continue reading

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