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5 travel apps and websites that bring responsible tourism alive

you can’t claim insurance because you don’t like a place any more; just because it is flooded to the rooftops and you have had a frightening potentially life threatening experience Continue reading

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Anger over apps which allow users to spy on partners’ mobiles and computers – Daily Mail

It is unlikely that most Police organizations would know how to detect it or have the resources to deal with it, therefore they have to attack the source. Continue reading

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Emergency Calls: Teens tracked by GPS in stolen car – Mansfield News Journal

If you are a crook, keep committing crimes where we can track you and Police can find you, it saves the tax payer loads of money. Continue reading

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Santee: Beware of GPS Enabled Mobile Apps –

Why call them Smartphones any more, do you know how hard it is to get a really basic phone today. They should just call smartphones mobiles and the other ones Dumbphones. Continue reading

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Trash haulers in Ulster County could be subject to GPS tracking by Resource … – The Daily Freeman

TOWN OF ULSTER >> The Ulster County Resource Recovery Agency is considering the purchase of software needed to track trash haulers who are in apparent violation of the county‚Äôs flow-control law. Source: Get used to it. Tracking commercial vehicles … Continue reading

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GPS ankle bracelets used to track immigrants caught at border – CBS News

Immigrants caught crossing border illegally in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley given the devices after being released from custody Source: It’s another interesting use of GPS ankle bracelets. I don’t know the politics as to whether these people end up … Continue reading

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Location services: How GPS delivery is changing shopping – BBC News

How do you guarantee fast, accurate and reliable deliveries – whether it’s pizza or a Christmas gift? Use your smartphone and GPS technology. Source: This is so true and will represent some interesting new business models. I came up … Continue reading

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The GPS Made Him Do It. Again?

The driver of the Toyota Prius had mistakenly made a turn onto the tracks on the direction of his GPS unit. Source: Here we go again, the GPS made me do it. #TheGPSMadeMeDoIt So it was raining and the … Continue reading

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App Shopper: Tel Aviv Travel Guide – Augmented Reality with Street and Transport Map 100% Offline – Tourist Advisor for your trip to the city (Travel)

Mac Apps, Mac App Store, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch app store listings, news, and price drops Source: If you know me, you know I’m into AR and I’m always looking for ways to use it in mobile apps. … Continue reading

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What you need to know about location-based mobile marketing

The ones that do get it, and it can work in virtually any retail environment will thrive, the others with their staid old board members will scratch their heads and say they were always going to fail because of market forces and unfortunately with that mindset, no amount of GPS Smartphone carrying, open to buy shoppers will save them. Continue reading

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