Comment: See how borders change on Google Maps depending on where you are – SBS (blog)

SBS (blog)
Comment: See how borders change on Google Maps depending on where you are
SBS (blog)
It’s hard to draw a map without making someone angry. There are 32 countries that Google Maps won’t draw borders around.


This is really interesting. I wonder what they do with Iraq. Some countries change all the time and I remember back in school that the names of the countries and their borders were changing and the school Atlases couldn’t keep up.


This of course is a bit different. These aren’t necessarily changing boarders but an accommodation of what it takes to have your (Google’s) product politically acceptable in some countries. In some countries right now they’d have to change the borders every day. Not that this is anything new, the borders in most of the world have been changing ever since someone decided to put a fence around their city a few thousand years ago.


Got to give it to Google though, they know what they are doing. Maybe it’s time I read Jeff Jarvis’ great book What Would Google Do? again….

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